Reunification Therapy (RT) is a legal term for therapeutic intervention for separated families when the children find difficulty visiting with the noncustodial parent, but depending on the circumstances, the purpose and goals of reunification therapy vary.

I have several steps as part of my protocol for Reunification Therapy. 

1. Request/ receive and read all court docs and stipulations.

Reunification Therapy: A typical Protocol (once all docs are received and read).

This is considered a typical Reunification Therapy Protocol.
Every family and situation are different so, this is a guideline for the family to understand the steps and plan the Therapist will have in working with all family members.

I will speak in-depth with you about the specific needs and create a detailed treatment plan addressing your individual and families needs and situation.

Kendall Wagner, LMFT

Intake session(s) with the parent seeking reunification – 1-4 hours
Intake session(s) with the custodial parent – 1-4 hours
Intake sessions (75 mins.) with the child/ren in preparation for the joint reunification sessions: 2-4 sessions
Individual and whole family interventions to treat the contributions to the parent-child problems
Reunification sessions with parent and child (75 mins. sessions) –8 sessions minimum usually  more
At least one (1) session may be conducted in the home or community of the parent seeking reunification. All sessions are 75 minutes.

Court related Services Fees:

Individual therapy (minor/adult) $125 (50 mins)

Individual sessions as part of conjoint $150 (75 mins)

Conjoint sessions  $175 (75 mins.)

Court reports are paid by both parties. Cost based on extensiveness of report and time required.

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