Online and( in the office) : Private, confidential and Evidence based

Individual (minors and adults) and couples therapy. 

ONLINE Services for all that reside in California & Utah.

Couples and Individual sessions available.


Individual psychotherapy and counseling for families, couples and individuals

Kendall Wagner, MFT practices only evidenced based therapies.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (A.R.T.) for those seeking  rapid psychotherapy as well as for trauma related healing.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

I also use the framework of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (A.C.T.) as part of more traditional talk therapy.

  • Online Psychotherapy (California & Utah residents only) is available. You must contact the center and set up an initial phone interview and then a password to log into the secure communication system will be set up for you. Fees will be based on services requested.

  • Parent education and direction working with all transitions and stages of childhood and adolescents.

  • Areas of expertise include:

  1. Couples Therapy

  2. Trauma ( evidence based ) therapy (A.R.T. )
  3. Individual adult and child therapy can be court related.
  4. Family Therapy (non court related)
  5. High conflict parenting

  6. Grief and loss

  7. Anxiety & Depression

  8. Transitions of life (marriage, divorce, empty nest and loss)​​

  9. With children I utilize Play Therapy, Art Therapy, games, Pet Therapy and outdoor time.


 Payment can be made via: Cash, Check or Credit Card.  We accept PPO's and HSA's: we will provide you will an itemized bill that you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Please email or call to find out the fees for your specific situation as we do offer a financial need based sliding scale.

​Non court related counseling fees 

Counseling fees:  $150.00 for initial intake session (75 mins)

                               $125. for 50 mins. individual sessions

                               $150. for 75mins.  Ind. couples or family sessions

Court Involved Fees: $200 for initial intake Session (75 mins)

                                     $150.00 for individual sessions (adult or child)

      No longer offered $250/300 or 350 for court involved Parent Child therapy.

PsychoEducation  $400. (no sliding scale for court classes) ALL CLASSES HAVE AN 8 CLASS minimum.

                               $100per class hour (1x a week) after this.

  Court//custody Consultations: $200.                            

​ Mediaton Prep:    $400 for two 90 min. session, minimum two sessions                    

​Parental phone consults for minor clients : $75 for each 30 mins.

       (this is beyond the short updates that can occur during your Child's session)                             

CARLSBAD COUNSELING CENTER: Services offered : in Carlsbad and Online (in Ca.)

​​Telehealth Counseling available throughout California & Utah. To Schedule a Telehealth appt. Please use the booking link on this page.

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All payments may be cash/credit card or check.  HSA cards are accepted.  

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                     ALL Individual, Couples, Families &

 (court involved individual&Child).  Available thru Telehealth. Utah and California only.